Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Slimmed Down Practice III

Ad, Fea, Tom

Another three out of five evening.

Started off with Ben filling us in on his new born and how big he has already grown [Arlo, not Ben] in just eight days. We set up in the back room, the old 'control room'. There's still that massive duvet in there. Or is it a futon?

Muscle memory is a wonderful thing - we churned out some oldies tonight. Emma Wray, Naked, OX4[failed] and 'Someone' into 'Startin' Out' again. 'April 30' and 'Change' soon followed.

Tom added some subtle and strategic piano to 'Sparkle'.

We nearly missed last orders at the Willow Tree, our new favourite post-practice pint pub, and enjoyed it in the suprisingly spacious garden at the back. Round tables and parasols, a warm evening, great company and as Fea pointed out, it felt like we were on holiday.

Topics of conversation included: GoogleGroups. Tom misses the way the Alsatian used to greet him at the other pub. How Good We Really Are. Squeaky cigarette butts. Tom's Bex going to see George Michael at Wembley for free because she's a nurse. Gi helping Tom learn to ride a motorbike. Ad being sure that everyone was there when he, sitting on Eg's front door step in 1996[?], had to phone Viv, our lovely ex-backing singer, that she was no longer required and was in fact, from then on, an ex-backing singer.

Oh the memories.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Another Slimmed Down Practice

Ad, Eg, Fea

Well, what's going on? This week it was Tom's turn to join Gi on the list of absentees. This time we were in the old recording studio. Ben had his son, Arlo, last week and is currently enjoying that glazed look that new fathers seem to get soon after child arrival.

Fea discovered he had lost some metal thing that goes under his strings off his guitar. The very moment he noticed it, Ben said that he had found it last week. A successful impromptu attempt at covering 'I Can See Clearly Now' [after Eg had picked up the words and music off the floor from another band's rehearsal] went rather well. Easier to learn than the newly attempted loopy classic-to-be 'Gallery of You'. Progress made on 'Sparkle' and another great 'Someone' into 'Startin' Out'. More accurate remembering of '24 Hours' too.

Panic ensued as our attempt to find that End of Night Pint was thwarted by the early closing of the three nearest pubs. What's going on? So we ended up sitting by the river, on a bench enjoying the Emergency Beer Supply that Ad keeps in the boot of his car. The teenagers skateboarding over on the other bank looked awfully envious.

Topics of Conversation: The gig that will clear our debt to the North Moreton auction that Eg committed us to. How many GCSEs is a degree worth? Religious schools advertising for teachers with their specific faith: is it legal? Having a beer with your daughter. The naivety of new cooing new fathers and the smugness of the listening older fathers.