Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Present: Ad, Eg, Fea, Gi, Tom
Venue: Valley Studios, Winchester.

Ad's back still playing up. Tom is off with the fairies. Ad gives Eg the task of extracting from the band the four tracks that should be practised for recording purposes. He sort of succeeds. Though this band's blogger can't remember them if he had been told.

Post-practice pint prattle included: Eg's got a hard drive with loads of gig details from the band's early years. The Loopy Gig Google Map. And 'why don't we make the next album cover out of wood'.

Stupid, stupid boys.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Popcast Workshop

Present: Ad, Eg
Venue: Emsworth

Eg interviewed for forthcoming loopy popcast. A few songs were recorded acoustically including 'Gallery of You', 'Love the Way', 'Umbrella'.

Expected release time: soon. Cough.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Present: Ad, Eg, Gi, Tom

Eg's been doing his homework on new song 'Gallery of You'. Practised the EP songs. Briefly tried to remember '24 Hours' and worked on '21'.

Ad's bad back causes a lying down in the middle of the studio incident.

Topics of conversation
The wonders of Reversing Sensors and Cruise Control in a car. Tom's Marriage, Tom's Children, Tom's never driven a car with Cruise Control. How clear are European Roads? Tom ruined a car by travelling very fast for a very long time on a very foreign road. What to do for the podcast. Gi's now got his own boiler story though he kept it short which was a popular thing to do.