Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Deep, Posh and Sexy

Present: Ad, Eg, Fea, Tom

Venue: Valley Studios, Winchester

Seems to have been a week of bad news. Which makes this weekly occurrence of pop purveyance even more significant in the lives of the lads.

While they record the Portugal v Spain World Cup match in their respective homes for later viewing the Loopy boys turn up to endure the hot, hot, hot sweatiness that is the studio. Half way through a break was needed in the cooler air outside for a while.

Ooh, it was hot.

Post Practice Pint Piffling Prattle:
The Willow Tree had closed early again tonight so the boys begrudgingly trudged up the road to the First Inn Last Out and sat out on the pews in the garden.
"You can ask at the bar for the Bibles" called one jolly lady.
Eg recounted his Glastonbury experience - The National were the ones to see apparently; Fea's radio interview; England's miserable showing at the World Cup; It was Rhodri, not Rodney; Sziget being eagerly anticipated by everyone accept Fea who hasn't done his homework and won't be coming even though he won't actually officially say it - probably makes him feel he's still part of it; Ad is off to Zimbabwe then Zambia; And finally, causing most of the laughter for this evening...

...according to Tom, he's got a deep, posh and sexy voice.

Or so he's been told.

So much so that he's actually signed up with a Voice-over website.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The England Flag and the Barmaid

Present: Ad, Fea, Tom

Venue: Valley Studios, Winchester

Ben's found the band a potential drummer to help out. The details were handed over whereupon nothing will happen until the paper on which the details have been written turn up disintegrating in a pocket of a pair of Tom's newly washed jeans.

For some strange reason the Willow Tree pub, now famous in the local press for having an enormous England flag draped over one side, has taken to closing early on a Tuesday night leaving our boy band gasping for refreshment before toiling home. Tonight their luck was back in.

The barmaid that was befriended last week was awarded a copy of Doing Somersaults [sourced by Tom, presented by Ad]. This seemed to make her evening. She'll be on holiday next week. Going to Cornwall.

'Just make sure you switch off the lights and the water fountains before you go.'

Post Practice Pint Piffle:
The stress of work and looking for new jobs. Fea's forthcoming radio interview - something to do with his school. Nobody cares.