Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Recording: Rescuing Somersaults

Present: Ad, Eg, Tom

Minor re-records for backing vocals on 'Found By You' and a decision to re-do the start of 'The Smile'. Somersaults was pulled apart and pieced back together again one backing vocal at a time. Added more voices to middle eight.

Recorded a piano version of the song which will be put on a forthcoming and overdue popcast. Also to feature will be a recording, secretly kept by Ben, of certain people trying out different falsetto harmonies. Highly embarrassing, yet essential, listening.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

More Recording: The EP

Present: Ad, Eg, Fea [late] and Tom

Fea was late because of the Future of Education.

Added Tom's guitar to 'The Smile', 'Corner of My Mind' and 'Somersaults'. Harmonica to 'Found By You'. Backing vocals to Somersaults with a controversially fun, yet completely unnecessary Beatles reference to be argued about.

The beginning of The Smile was redone with Eg on piano, Fea on acoustic guitar and Tom on Itchy-To-Do-Something-o-phone. But as this is probably the only place where individual instrument credits are given we can say that he played the very last piano chord on the song accompanying himself with a just-about-audible snigger. Oh, and just to make sure you heard correctly, that was Edgar on piano at the beginning of The Smile.

An almost vertical Ad's ukulele made a daring, yet unrecorded, appearance while poor Engineer Ben had to work with the noise of a mini-acoustic jam behind him. Sorry Ben.

More 49p Pringles and an interesting bottled beer selection by Tom. Eichbaum, mit tiefer Dankbarkeit, Herr Vamos.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Present: Ad, Eg, Fea, Tom

The continuation of the 'Doing Somersaults' EP [Working Title]. Vocals/backing vocals have been added to 'The Smile', 'The Corner of my Mind' and 'Found By You' [previously referred to as 'Lay Your Table'], Tom added the Rhodes to the tracks as well.

Eg nipped out to buy some Pringles [40p a tube!] and a cake as a happy birthday to Fea. He also bought some beer in what can only be a happy birthday gesture to Ad for the previous week.