Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Re-entering Broken Boiler Territory

Present: Ad, Eg, Fea

Venue: Winchcombe School Headmaster's Office

Tom's absence is due to his boiler breaking down. At which news, Fea's eyes light up as Eg and Ad glance at each in near panic.

Post practice pint prattle at the pub is now a terrifying prospect.

Another well marshalled practice taking the three attendees through the latest offering ensues. The staff room iss locked but Fea manages to cobble together some hot drinks via the coffee machine on his desk.

Photocopying facilities are used to copy all the song lyrics for each person. Paper clips were used. Ad shows Fea that his desire to use a shared Google Calendar for his staff is possible from his school desktop computer but is probably going to be thwarted by proxy server restrictions. Fea's mind wanders to Broken Boilers.

Fea locked up the school - apparently it was his first time carrying out this rather important task so he seemed quite nervous about it.

Post-Practice Pint Prattle At the Pub
Phoebe's singing; what it might be like to go to a Talent School in London at the age of 16; sewing machines; Christmas presents; doing a voiceover artist's website; the difficulty of being considered Posh with short vowels, impossible.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bass-icly it's a toy

Present: Ad, Eg, Fea, Tom

Venue: Winchcombe School Headmaster's Office

Apart from an unblogged practice with Eg, Tom and Fea two weeks ago, this was the first Loopy practice for two months.

There are reasons, of course, for this lack of pop-making. And these reasons include a trip to Africa, a trip to Scotland, a very ill mother and moving house. Now it's up to you match the excuse with the band member.

In the meantime, it is probably sufficient to say that it was good to have everyone in the same room again, guitars in hand, melodica in mouth, ladies practising self-defence in the assembly hall down the corridor etc.

A new album is taking shape. Working title: Chubby Little Loser. Don't worry, working titles always get changed. Usually at the last minute.

And the boys (Tom and Ad sporting non-Movember inspired beards) ran through all the song candidates.


Post-Practice Pub Prattle

Fea found someone at work who's having boiler problems; Tom's been off work to commit crimes against DIY; Eg's been getting those computer virus scam phonecalls; Loopy purchase acoustic bass for Ad to use from eBay via Tom's mobile phone - post-purchase analysis of the description seems to indicate it's a child's toy; New Zealand; where to hold this year's Loopy Christmas Do.