Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Ad, Eg, Gi, Tom

Tried a new song - Not Too Late and another stab at making You Are The One a bit more universally enjoyed. Ben left Tom with the key to the studio as he left early and there was no-one else in the place.

Post Practice Pint at the Pub Topics of Conversation included: Gi asks 'Do fish sleep? - Eg thinks so, Ad reckons that they must 'sleep-swim'. The success of the previous weekend's gig. Spraying essence of Basil over your meal in a restaurant. Eg's superior Gig Negotiation Skills by allowing a venue owner to barter up our gig fee from an initially acceptable £0.00 to £250.00. The outrageous invariability of the shape of your average supermarket tomato.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Fattened Up Practice

Ad, Eg, Fea, Gi, Tom and Paul

Stand-in bass player Paul has his final practice with the band before Saturday's gig. Odd having two bass players on the go.

Car park unusually jammed this evening.

Fea has to leave before the Post Practice Pint.

Post Practice Pint Topics of conversation: pensions, Gi leaving his job, Eg's terrible idea for a television slot on an Ant 'n' Dec Saturday night TV programme, Fea gets a puncture on his way home and phones Eg for help, while everyone is talking about Pot Noodles. Ad remembers using his collection of empty Pot Noodle pots as a spare bed leg back at University. Paul didn't get a cold till he was 16 years old thanks to him being breast-fed. Remarkable