Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Street Party Practice

Present: Ad, Dom, Eg, Fea, Tom

Venue: Uprising Studios, Newbury

Eg doesn't have a hernia after all. Though he's still got enough discomfort to use as his excuse to avoid heavy lifting. Ad, remembering his own pain management issues, readily concurs [*lumber-rub, lumber-rub*].
Jeff Albertson

Bit of a microphone stand shortage tonight. Jamie, the nice chap behind the computer screen in reception who looks a bit like Jeff Albertson, unsuccessfully tried to find some extras. Though he did manage to provide the boys with parcel tape which was generously wound around a broken stand and a microphone shaft.

In view of the street gig next week Dom managed to hire the drum kit from the studio - they should be able to deliver the drums at the venue too. Marvellous stuff.

There was a well-paced rendition of 'Sparkle and Shine' and a complete collapse of composure during 'The Sky Above My House' due to an arrestingly wonderful drum fill from Dom.

Fea breaks a string. Eg nearly drops Ad's bass during 'Centre of my Universe'

It's great being in a band.

Post-Practice Pint Pub Prattle
The mean number of legs on a human is less than 2, and other creative uses of the three main averages; what to do with pets when trying to rent a house; a general lack of surprise met the news that Winchester's First Inn Last Out, the pub where Loopy used to enjoy the Post-Practice Pint, appeared on TVs 'Hotel Inspector' as the first B&B in which the 'expert' has refused to stay the night; Tom's ground-breaking house-management advice "always carry something when moving from one room to another"; job applications and the worthiness of putting one's hobbies down, especially ones enjoyed in a group; and if we lived on an island how would our economy work and evolve?

Monday, 21 March 2011

A drummer turns up

Present: Ad, Dom, Eg, Fea, Tom

Venue: Uprising Studios, Newbury
A drummer turned up, improving the output of our four lovable regulars 100 fold. The spring had certainly returned to the collective Loopy step thanks to Dom. Loopy have played with Dom on a number of occasions, and always with great results.
Not surprising, considering Dom is the only person that Loopy know who still receives the odd PRS cheque thanks to his late 80s / early 90s stewardship of the skins with The Chesterfields.

The evening progressed with eleven candidates for the new album. Much work was done.

Post Practice Pint Prattle
Listen!Eg's new Android phone; Sziget or not Sziget; Tom performing Postman Pat and the Pink Panther at his Grandmother's Jewish funeral while he and the rest of his family (led by Mr Vamos Senior) wear yarmulke's made from rolled up Speedo swimming caps - it seems Mr Vamos Junior's past cartoon farcicals are indebted to the genes he's inherited from Dad;

Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring plans are springing

Present: Ad, Eg, Tom

Venue: Valley Studios, Winchester

Rehearsing in anticipation of the recording session to be scheduled after a rehearsal with our guest drummer Dom. Some handheld recordings of the new songs were taken for preparation.

Thoughts turn to a photo shoot of the boys wearing simple white open neck shirts. Yet to happen.

The Loopy boys are also preparing material for the festival season with a potential headlining slot at the world famous 'Stockfest'. Also once known as 'Jazz on the Glebe'.

March recording session for backing tracks of new album "Chubby Little Losers" on the cards.

Post-Practice Prattle over a Pint in the Pub
Eg's new job. That Eg would fire self-confessed 'unmanageable' Tom. Probably due to his poor musical timing.