Friday, 17 February 2012

New Year: same old, same old

In spite of the negative looking titular start to this post we can confirm that, while nothing has really changed, the new music is constantly being created, crafted and crooned for all the crowing crowds clawing for continued Loopiness.

Ben's commemorative Tat'

Dom's refreshing drumminess is vitalising rehearsals, as are his tea-making skills and his chocolate chip biscuits.

And with Newbury now the focus of rehearsals [after so many years of enjoying the delights of Winchester] the band looks forward to revisiting Valley Studios for those important recording sessions. Ben, however, is not quite so upbeat about the news as his commemorative tattoo for the situation might suggest...

And as far as the Lights For Learning benefit gig cancellation and the Loopy Christmas Do are concerned they've both been postponed after a rather unfortunate state of affairs with a certain bass player's back, again. This time involving an ambulance, a four-week stay in hospital and a spinal operation.

So, with recovery going well and the new bookings flowing in, Loopy - most definitely - lives on.