Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Drag Me To The Liberty Ballroom and get served by a former pupil

Present: Ad, Fea

Venue: Head Teacher's Office, The Winchcombe School, Newbury

Uke and a guitar, that's all you need.

Fea discovered some lyrics in his Loopy folder on his laptop.  Neither Ad nor he knew where they had come from.  So, based on some chords mined from World Party's 'Put The Message In A Box', they came up with a brand new song.

A second new song was born with the words 'Drag me to the Liberty Ballroom'.  Before going down the pub which the band used to frequent when they regularly rehearsed at Fea's first Newbury School. 

They walked in on a Pub Quiz and were served by one of Fea's former pupils.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Where Do You Go when it's Tom's Birthday

Present: Ad, Eg, Fea, Tom [later]

The evening was dedicated recording a new song called Where Do You Go.

Ad laid down the guide ukulele and vocal and Eg added a piano intro before putting down his lead vocal.

Fea added guitar using his niece's 'baby acoustic'.

Birthday boy Tom and Bex [still both unmarried] turned up after their celebratory meal in Winchester.

Tom added a distinctly non-choppy piano to the proceedings and Bex refused to add her backing vocals which had earlier been heartily cocked up by Tom and Fea.

Eg and a double-tracked Ad saved the day there.

Overall, a rather good evening's work.